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DeAgostini 1:43 1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Rome, Italy Police Car

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DeAgostini 1:43 1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Rome, Italy Police Car

DeAgostini 1:43 1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Rome, Italy Police Car


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The Alfa Romeo Alfetta (Tipo 116, or "Type 116") is a front-engine, five-passenger sedan and fastback coupé manufactured and marketed by Alfa Romeo from 1972–1987 with a production total over 400,000.

The Alfetta was noted for the rear position of its transaxle (clutch and transmission) and its De Dion tube rear suspension — an arrangement designed to optimize handling by balancing front/rear weight distribution, as well as maintaining a low polar moment of inertia and low center of gravity. The interior of Coupé models featured a then unusual central tachometer placement — by itself, directly in front of the driver.

The Alfetta name, which means "little Alfa" in Italian, derived from the nickname of the Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta, a successful Formula One car which in its last (1951) iteration paired a transaxle layout to De Dion tube rear suspension — like its modern namesake.

The Alfetta saloon was launched in 1972, with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder as a three-box, four-door, five-passenger notchback saloon ("Berlina" in Italian) designed in-house by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The front end was characterised by twin, equal-sized headlamps visually connected to a central narrow Alfa Romeo shield by three chrome bars, while the tail lights featured three square elements. At the 1975 Brussels Motor Show Alfa Romeo introduced the 1,594 cc (97 cu in), 108 PS (DIN) Alfetta 1.6 base model, distinguished by its single, larger round front headlights.Meanwhile, the 1.8-litre Alfetta was rebadged Alfetta 1.8 and a few months later mildly restyled, further set apart from the 1.6 by a new grille with a wider central shield and horizontal chrome bars. Engines in both models were Alfa Romeo Twin Cams, with two overhead camshafts, 8-valves and two double-barrel carburettors. Two years later the 1.6 was upgraded to the exterior and interior features of the 1.8.

The Alfa Romeo Alfetta was used as police car by the Carabinieri as well as by Polizia di Stato. It became well known throughout the world since it was Italian former Prime Minister Aldo Moro's official escort car when he was kidnapped by the Red Brigades.

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