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Diecast Masters 1:50 Caterpillar 432F2 Side Shift Backhoe Loader

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Diecast Masters 1:50 Caterpillar 432F2 Side Shift Backhoe Loader

Diecast Masters 1:50 Caterpillar 432F2 Side Shift Backhoe Loader

The Cat 432F2 Backhoe loader delivers performance, increased fuel efficiency, superior hydraulic system and an all new operator station 

74 dB(A) internal sound level across the range no matter the engine option.
Heated seat to keep the operator warm no matter what the conditions are.
Fantastic layout of switches and controls provide an ergonomic and comfortable operating environment all day long.
Cat backhoe control pods provide infinite adjustment on a 4 way axis allowing the operator to position the controls in the most comfortable position for them.
An all new information display cluster will allow the operator to access information about the machines health and the new trip computer will provide performance information.
The operator benefits from superior visibility 360° around the machine, work at height with the loader and when working with the backhoe.
The A-post mounted exhaust allows great forward visibility. The exhaust has been angled backwards, parallel to the A-Post, to minimize any impact on visibility.
Secure your investment with the Cat Backhoe Loader security system designed specifically for the Cat Backhoe Loader, this device will keep your investment secure, while providing easy access for up to 25 specified people.
The loader control now gives you more power right at your fingertips. Differential lock, Forward, Neutral and Reverse switch, Transmission kickout and auxiliary control.
A redesigned roof cap provides the operator with superior visibility to the loader at maximum dump height, from the comfort of the seat.
The 432F2 is fitted with Pilot controls providing low effort operation, with the ability to switch between ISO (Excavator) or SAE (Backhoe) control patterns with the press of a button. Providing easy and safe operation for operators of any experience or ability.

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