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FuturRigs 1:87 Visionne XXL Transporter: Reichold

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FuturRigs 1:87 Visionne XXL Transporter: Reichold

FuturRigs 1:87 Visionne XXL Transporter: Reichold

Revolutionary designs by Luigi Colani a Berlin-born German industrial designer. His long career began in the 1950s when he designed cars for companies such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, and BMW. In 1957, he dropped his given first name Lutz and henceforth went by the name of Luigi. In the 1960s, he began designing furniture, and as of the 1970s, he expanded in numerous areas, ranging from household items such as ballpoint pens and television sets to uniforms and trucks and entire kitchens. His recent spectacular truck designs include viciously angled fronts, wind skirts over the tires and circular windscreen wipers. Based on a Mercedes platform, the current version features a 6-cylinder, 4-valve diesel engine with direct injection, turbocharging, charge air cooling, 12.6L cylinder capacity and engine performance from 381 hp to 530 hp. His unconventional designs have made him famous, not only in design circles, but also to the general public. He has received numerous design awards, although his unconventional approach has left him largely an outsider from the mainstream of industrial design. Check out the video on trucks of the future below featuring an interview of Colani in one of his trucks!
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