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Collecting diecast models can be an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby. From the look and feel of a particular vehicle’s authentic detail to adding an interesting collectible to your living space, there are numerous reasons why collectors prefer limited edition diecast models rather than mass-produced toys. Many diecast replicas, providing they are limited editions, are also …
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Have you ever admired a diecast model that was meticulously designed and painstakingly crafted with attention to the smallest details? Whether it is your childhood memories of precious moments spent playing with your favorite cars or replicas of classic vehicles, diecast models have been captivating collectors for generations. First Gear Diecast Models are some of th …
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 Introducing Our Latest Replica Models and Liveries at Trainfest 2022
From brand-new releases to exciting times at every diecast enthusiast's favorite November event, the Awesome Diecast team brings a wealth of new updates for customers, collectors, and fans alike. Enjoy discovering our latest model releases and learn more about all the happenings at this year’s Trainfest. New Iconic Replica Model Releases We’ve just released 11 ne …
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Awesome Diecast: Black Friday Sale of 30% Off Everything (Except New Items) Starting On Thanksgiving
It's that time of year again for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales! Here at Awesome Diecast, we're having one of the best Black Friday sales we've ever had!The Awesome Diecast Black Friday Sale doesn't come with a lot of red tape and fine print, either. It's pretty straightforward - 30% off everything in our catalog (excluding new items) - but that includes over 8,500 items! …
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A Look at Our Upcoming Pre-Orders
Pre-orders have become normal in today's business world. It helps manufacturers gauge how much interest there is in a product. It also lets fans support their favorite brands and make sure not to miss out on a limited edition release.The trouble with pre-orders is that sometimes they sell out in the blink of an eye. If you're not glued to your smartphone every second of every d …
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