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Road Kings 1:18 Smokey & The Bandit Figurines

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Road Kings 1:18 Smokey & The Bandit Figurines

Road Kings 1:18 Smokey & The Bandit Figurines

These figures are copies of the movie stars Burt Reynolds & Jerry Reed who played the parts of the "Bandit" and Cledus in the movie Smokey & The Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit is a 1977 American action comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed, Pat McCormick, Paul Williams, and Mike Henry. The film marks the directorial debut of stuntman Hal Needham.

The film follows Bo "Bandit" Darville (Reynolds) and Cledus "Snowman" Snow (Reed), two truck-driving bootleggers attempting to illegally transport 400 cases of Coors beer from Texarkana to Atlanta. While the Snowman drives the truck carrying the beer, the Bandit drives blocker, in a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, to distract law enforcement and keep the attention off the Snowman. During their run, they are pursued by Sheriff Buford T. Justice, of Portague County, Texas


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