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Alarme 1:43 Ford Ranger 4 Door: UDSP First Responder Unit

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Alarme 1:43 Ford Ranger 4 Door: UDSP First Responder Unit

Alarme 1:43 Ford Ranger 4 Door: UDSP First Responder Unit

This is a limited edition model with only 200 pieces distributed worldwide

An aid station is a temporary facility (often a tent, table, or general rest area) established to provide supplies to endurance event participants or medical first aid and provisions during major events, disaster response situations, or military operations.

Aid stations may be divided into sections where the station serves both medical and non-medical functions

At endurance races like marathons or bicycle racing events, aid stations are established along the race route to provide supplies (food, water, and repair equipment) to participants. During modern cycle races, aid station functions may be performed by a mobile SAG Wagon ("Supplies And Gear") or support vehicle that travels with participants at the rear of the peloton.

Typically sports drinks and energy gels are provided as well as water. Depending on the length of the race, food may be available. Often, medical supplies will also be available.

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At some major annual marathon events, particular aid stations and their operators have become local institutions. The Chicago Marathon, for example, has annual prizes for aid stations and aid station volunteers and some volunteers have managed the same station each year for many years. The event includes very large stations, some with more than 300 volunteers, and event organisers publish an Aid Station Instruction Book.

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