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Automodello 1:43 1941 Checker Model A Taxi: Chicago Cab Co.

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Automodello 1:43 1941 Checker Model A Taxi:  Chicago Cab Co.

Automodello 1:43 1941 Checker Model A Taxi: Chicago Cab Co.

This is a limited edition model with only 143 pieces produced world wide

Throughout automotive history, there have been a number of machines that so perfectly suited their purpose that they came to define their respective niche, but none more so than the Checker Cab. Even now, nearly 40 years after the last one rolled off of its Kalamazoo, Michigan assembly line when you say the word "taxi" to the average person it is the image of the ubiquitous Checker A-series that they conjure in their mind. Most people think of the boxy A9 that debuted in the late 1950s as the quintessential cab, but that car’s architecture dates all the way back to 1939 and the original—and revolutionary!—Checker Model A.

From its inception, the Model A design zeroed in on the core priorities of the taxi industry. The open-front fender design and inboard headlight location helped minimize accident damage and facilitate easy replacement to keep Model As on the road. The Continental inline-6 was simple, reliable, and easy to maintain. The most innovative features focused on passenger comfort and luxury with an eye toward attracting customers. There was a hot-water-based heater unit installed in the partition between the driver and passenger compartments with outlets for both. But the most distinctive feature—and the one for which the model A is best known—is the power-retractable landaulet “roll-top” that with a push of a button lowered the shell encompassing C-pillar and rear window area to provide an open-air experience for passengers in fair weather.


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