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A Look at Our Upcoming Pre-Orders

Pre-orders have become normal in today's business world. It helps manufacturers gauge how much interest there is in a product. It also lets fans support their favorite brands and make sure not to miss out on a limited edition release.

The trouble with pre-orders is that sometimes they sell out in the blink of an eye. If you're not glued to your smartphone every second of every day, you might just miss out on a limited edition release.

This is particularly a problem for collectors of diecast replicas where releases of 504 units or more can be very limited. Missing out on a release you wanted to get often results in paying significanly higher prices down the road on eBay or wherever the models can be found.

To help you avoid this calamity, we've put together a guide to what you can expect in our upcoming Iconic Replicas series. This way you can prepare and decide which transit buses and coach buses you can't live without.

1. PD4151 Silversides Coach: Southwest Transit and Union Pacific Railroad

Are you looking to recreate a model railroad scene from the '40s or '50s? Your "O" gauge diorama won't be complete without a GM PD4151 Silversides Coach in the gorgeous colors of either Southwest Transit or the Union Pacific Railroad. The iconic colors and use of art deco fonts make these two releases great mementos of the era. They denote the 1940s and 50s, even for those unfamiliar with the era.

Both PD4151 Silversides Coaches are limited editions of 504 so don't wait too long if you want to make sure to snag one of these pre-orders!

2. MCI Classic Suburban Buses

Lots of commuters live outside big cities and take either the train or bus into the city. Suburban style buses were very popular featuring single entry doors, highback seats and luggage racks on the inside. Check out these iconic suburban bus replicas.

A very popular model used in commuter service for multiple big cities, notably New York, the Classic was built by Motor Coach Industries (MCI) and was in service throughtout the later part of the 1980's through the early 2000's.

These transit buses are re-created with the highest-possible quality diecast and a jeweler's attention to detail. They're essential if you're looking to recreate a retro New York City HO railroad scene. Make sure not to miss out on one of these limited edition pre-orders! Each bus release is limited to 504 units and once sold out, are never produced again. Look for releases in the liveries of the New York City MTA, Liberty Lines, New York Bus Service and more...

3. MCI Classic Transit Buses

If you're working on a Canadian diorama, you'll want to pre-orders a Classic Canadian transit bus.

You won't be limited to Toronto TTC, either. Other Canadian cities including Montreal STM and Ottawa OC Transpo are also represented in the Iconic Replicas line. These are all release sof 504 units.

4. TMC RTS Buses

Are you looking for even more ways to create authentic, period-specific cityscapes? You'll want to make sure to check out the upcoming Iconic Replica TMC RTS transit bus models now on pre-order as well.

Take the 1999 TMC RTS Transit Bus: MTA New York City - Version 3, for instance. If you're looking for a diecast model bus to re-create the 1990's era of NYC, look no further.

You can do the same for Los Angeles. The iconic orange design of the RTD Los Angeles Metro Local instantly invokes the feelings and sensations of watching the sun go down over Sunset Blvd.

Last but not least, we return to Toronto. If you want to create a diorama of the GTA around the millennium, the TTC Toronto replica bus will bring your design to life!

No matter what kind of diorama or re-creation you're building, it will benefit from these lovingly crafted diecast miniatures. The past will come to life with these detailed recreations - and so will your imagination! Of course all Iconic Replica bus model releases are strictly limited to 504 units and once sold out are not produced again.

Looking For Pre-Orders?

Pre-orders can be like meteorites - blink and they're gone. If you want to make sure never to miss a release of one of our high-quality diecast replicas, follow us on Instagram to receive regular updates on all of our releases and announcements or on Facebook in the Model Bus Fan Club!

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