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Brekina 1:87 Bussing 12000T: Duisburg Transport Company, Germany

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Brekina 1:87 Bussing 12000T: Duisburg Transport Company, Germany

Brekina 1:87 Bussing 12000T: Duisburg Transport Company, Germany

This model is made from ABS plastic and the mirrors are the box

The Büssing 12000 was a truck model from Büssing Nutzkraftwagen GmbH , which was manufactured between 1951 and 1954. Despite a number of innovative elements, this modern vehicle was not accepted by the freight forwarders.

The Büssing 12000 had an underfloor engine, that is, the engine was located below the loading area. The resulting low center of gravity improved the road holding . The six - cylinder four - stroke diesel engine , resting on rubber bearings , had a displacement of 13  l and developed 180 hp (132 kW) at a speed of 1600 rpm. 

The in-house five - speed gearbox worked on both rear axles. The transfer case was firmly assembled with the gearbox and increased the number of gears to ten speed levels. From there, balanced cardan tube shafts with joints led to the rear wheels. The switch was made via a steering column switch .

The vehicle had three axles with six Trilex cast steel spoke wheels and simple rear tires. The oversized tires had the format 14.00–22, a tire size that is no longer produced today. The front axle had leaf springs , while the rear wheels were equipped with Büssing's usual balance beam suspension - a special design of leaf suspension - which always ensured sufficient contact with the road and even load distribution.  The foot brake was designed as a compressed air six-wheel brake with a trailer brake connection; the lockable handbrake acted with compressed air on each rear axle. A compressed air operated power steering was another detail of this modern designed vehicle model.

The chassis was also used for the construction of buses; so for the Büssing 12000 T - Trambus (capacity 92 seats)  and the Berlin double decker bus Büssing 12 000 T (D3U ) (capacity 133 seats).  A quick engine dismantling, which was necessary for use in regular service, was possible thanks to built-in winches.

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