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Corgi 1:50 Bedford Type OB Coach: Boultons Of Shropshire

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Corgi 1:50 Bedford Type OB Coach: Boultons Of Shropshire

Corgi 1:50 Bedford Type OB Coach: Boultons Of Shropshire

The Bedford OB was a bus chassis manufactured by Bedford from 1939.

The Bedford OB was designed as a successor to the Bedford WTB. It had a wheelbase of 14 feet 6 inches (4.42 m), and was a semi-forward control model, designed to carry 26 to 29-passenger bodywork. It was fitted with a 27.34 horsepower petrol engine, and had a four-speed manual gearbox and fully floating rear axle. The brakes were of the vacuum servo-assisted hydraulic type.

Although only 73 were built prior to the cessation of production due to World War II, it reappeared in a largely unchanged form at the end of the war, continuing in production until 1951. A total of 12,766 were produced, making it one of the most popular buses of its type ever.

Bedford co-developed with Duple the "Vista" coachwork for the OB, fronted by a classic bullnose. The ash framework was reinforced with steel, and the floor made from hardwood with softwood tongued and grooved boarding, with the exception of the cab area which was finished with alloy chequerplate. Seating capacity was normally 29 with overhead luggage racks provided for passengers, whilst the rear luggage boot was also used to store the spare wheel. The price of a complete coach, including finishing in a two-colour livery, was £1,314.10s for a 27-seater, and £1,325.10s for a twenty nine seater.

Geared to reach speeds of at least 40 miles per hour (64 km/h), which was fast for its day, the OB is remembered by many for its characteristic gearbox whine.

Arthur Boulton started carrying passengers in 1926 from his base in Cardington. The business has expanded over 90 years and is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. Their main depot is still in Cardington, but they also have another in Shrewsbury, so they are ideally situated to reach all corners of the county.

They operate a number of vehicles including continental coaches, with full air conditioning, DVD players, hot drinks, fridges, tables, and WC. They also have smaller 29 seater coaches and mini-buses. All of their fleet have seatbelts fitted, with the exception of their two vintage coaches

Some of their coaches are ideally suited for carrying school children and in the fleet they do have a 70 seater and two 67 seater coaches with full lap and shoulder seatbelts.

In addition to a full PCV licence, all of their drivers also undertake Advanced Driver Training and are on a continual training program which includes Disability Awareness and First Aid. All of their drivers are also fully CRB checked to an enhanced level.



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