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Corgi 1:50 Renault Faineant Fourgon 'Calberson'

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Corgi 1:50 Renault Faineant Fourgon 'Calberson'

Corgi 1:50 Renault Faineant Fourgon 'Calberson'


Diecast metal with plastic parts

Geodis Calberson formerly Calberson then Compagnie Générale Calberson is a French freight forwarding and courier company , its network is often complemented by that of France Express and is part of the Geodis group .

Calberson was founded in 1904 by Emile Calberson . His first activity was to transport parcels 1 by train .

In 1921 , Calberson launched its first goods transports by road.

In 1950 , Calberson acquired several local transport companies and became a group of SMEs .

Became a public limited company , Guy Crescent presided over a strong development in the 1960s , including pursuing its strategy of acquisitions of local transport companies. In 1969, the company moved to a new 13,000 m² facility on Macdonald Boulevard in Paris .

In the 1970s and 1980s , Calberson expanded its express shipping business in France ( France Express ) and Europe. The company goes public in 1982 .

In 1995 , Compagnie Générale Calberson joined the Geodis group , a subsidiary of SNCF , of which it forms one of the networks.

In April 2012, Geodis Calberson proposed the resumption of Sernam

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