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Corgi, Gerry Anderson's Stingray

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Corgi, Gerry Anderson's Stingray

Corgi, Gerry Anderson's Stingray

This model is approximately 5 1/2" long

Created by the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Stingray was the first ever British TV programme to be filmed entirely in colour, making its debut in October 1964.

The flagship of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), Stingray is a renowned combat submarine piloted by Captain Troy Tempest and his hydrophone operator Lieutenant George Lee Sheridan, also known as ‘Phones’.

The vessel was considered the most advanced submarine of the 2060s and was central to the WASP’s discovery of many advanced undersea civilisations, including the city of Titanica, ruled by the despotic King Titan and his warrior followers, the Aquaphibians.

Measuring 85ft (30m) long, Stingray’s nuclear reactor powers a Dual Drumman Hydrojets Ratemaster Turbine that gives the vessel a surface speed of 400 knots and a submerged speed of 600 knots. This raw power also enables the ship to breach the surface and ‘jump’ out of the water for a short distance, a useful way to evade enemies.

Stingray can safely submerge to a maximum depth of 40,000ft, comfortably above the deepest known point of the world’s oceans. A pair of landing skis can deploy from the underside of the hull to enable the submarine to safely land on the ocean floor.

The submarine is armed with a complement of sixteen Sting missiles and carries several other small vehicles onboard for maximum operational flexibility while deployed. Most noticeable of these are a pair of Aqua Sprites, small submersibles located on the exterior hull of Stingray to port and starboard.

The Aqua Sprites feature dry interiors for the pilot, detaching from the main hull and allowing for closer docking with other vessels underwater. In the event of an emergency underwater, the Aqua Sprites are also the primary means of evacuating Stingray.

If the crew leaves the vessel in underwater equipment, they invariably use handheld Sea Bugs to enable speedier propulsion and movement while underwater. Above the surface, compact single-seat hovercraft called Monocopters are available on board to provide much quicker and safer movement over the invariable rough terrain.



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