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Diecast Masters 1:50 International HX260 Tandem Truck w/Pusher Axle Dump Truck

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Diecast Masters 1:50 International HX260 Tandem Truck w/Pusher Axle  Dump Truck

Diecast Masters 1:50 International HX260 Tandem Truck w/Pusher Axle Dump Truck

Navistar International Corporation is an American holding company created in 1986 as the successor to International Harvester. Navistar operates as the owner of International brand of trucks and diesel engines.[3] The company also produces military vehicles through its Navistar Defense subsidiary along with bus production through IC Bus. Currently, Traton SE (formerly Volkswagen Truck and Bus) is the largest stakeholder of Navistar, owning 17% of the company.

Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, the company has 13,000 employees worldwide as of 2019.[4] Navistar operates through a network of nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries throughout the world. The company also provides financing for its customers and distributors principally through its wholly owned subsidiary, Navistar Financial Corporation.

In 1986, Navistar was formed from the engine division of the former International Harvester (alongside the truck division). In a continuation from its predecessor, International produced both gasoline and diesel-fueled engines for its medium-duty trucks and some heavy-duty trucks, offering second-party engines as an option. Class 8 trucks offered second-party diesel engines (from Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel).

From International Harvester, International inherited production of the SV-series gasoline V8, IDI diesel V8, DV-series diesel V8, and DT466 inline-6. After 1986, the production of gasoline engines ended, shifting to diesel-powered engines entirely. During the 1980s, Navistar began an expansion of its engine families. For 1986, a 7.3L version of the IDI was introduced; the engine supplanted the long-running DV-series V8 by the end of 1988; the same year, it became an option in Ford trucks. For 1987, the DT inline-6 engine family was expanded to a second engine, as the DT360 was introduced (competing directly against the Cummins 6BT).

During 1994 production, the IDI V8 was replaced by the direct-injection T444E V8, sharing little more than its displacement with its predecessor; the T444E became the first Ford PowerStroke engine. While the DT360 was withdrawn (largely replaced by the T444E), the DT466 (now the DT466E) was joined by the larger DT530E (competing primarily against the Cummins C8.3).

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