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Gemini Jets 1:400 Bombardier CRJ900: Air Canada (Reg #C-GJAN)

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Gemini Jets 1:400 Bombardier CRJ900: Air Canada (Reg #C-GJAN)

Gemini Jets 1:400 Bombardier CRJ900: Air Canada (Reg #C-GJAN)

As the popularity of the 50 seat CRJ-100/200 grew, many of the world's airlines turned to Bombardier for a larger aircraft that could carry a bigger payload. With the input that they received from the airlines, Bombardier responded to their requested requirements with the introduction of three new variants of the CRJ-100/200 - identified as the CRJ-700, CRJ-705 and the CRJ-900. All of these new aircraft feature a stretched fuselage, a new, larger cabin, an all new wing, and more powerful engines. The Bombardier CRJ-700 has been stretched 19 feet longer than the earlier CRJ-100/200, enabling the new aircraft to carry up to 78 passengers. With a range of up to 2,300 miles, Bombardier CRJ-700 is the longest range aircraft in the Bombardier regional aircraft series. The largest of the three variants, the Bombardier CRJ-900, with a stretch of 31 feet longer than the original CRJ-100/200, can accommodate up to 90 passengers and a range of up to 2,100 miles. And rounding out the series is the Bombardier CRU-705. Although essentially a Bombardier CRJ-900 in size and appearance, the Bombardier CRU-705 is equipped with a "permanent" Business Class configuration of 75 seats, which permits the aircraft to operate within airlines' legal pilot "scope clauses" within the aviation industry - a contract between a major airline and its pilots' trade union, which limits the size and number of aircraft that may be flown by the major airline's regional airline affiliate. The final iteration of the CRJ series was the model CRJ-550, which is a model CRJ-700 that has been fitted with a three-class cabin, limiting seating to 50 passengers.

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