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Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1953 Ford Country Squire, Cascade Green

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Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1953 Ford Country Squire, Cascade Green

Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1953 Ford Country Squire, Cascade Green

These are limited edition models with only 200 pieces distributed worldwide

The Ford Country Squire (later the Ford LTD Country Squire) is a line of full-size station wagons that was assembled and marketed by Ford Motor Company from the 1950 to 1991 model years. Sold only as part of the full-size product range, the Country Squire was marketed as the premium station wagon of the Ford division, distinguished by its wood-grain body trim. As of the 2017 model year, the Country Squire remains the third-longest used car nameplate by Ford in North America (41 years), behind only the Thunderbird (46 years) and Mustang (53 years, in production).

As part of the full-size Ford model line, the Ford Country Squire would be paired with several Ford models over its production run. During its first two generations, the Country Squire was based upon the Ford Custom Deluxe (and the Ford Crestline that replaced it). From 1955 to 1968, station wagons were a separate model line from Ford sedans, though the Country Squire shared its interior trim with the Fairlane (and the Ford Galaxie that replaced it). For 1969, as station wagons were consolidated with Ford sedans, the Country Squire became part of the Ford LTD model line. As the LTD became the Ford LTD Crown Victoria in 1983, the LTD Country Squire remained a full-size station wagon through the 1991 model year.

Following the demise of the Edsel division, Ford and Mercury consolidated much of their exterior bodywork to streamline production. From 1961 to 1991, the Mercury Colony Park became the Lincoln-Mercury counterpart of the Ford Country Squire.

For the 1992 model year, the Ford LTD Crown Victoria was replaced by the redesigned Ford Crown Victoria, leaving the Country Squire with no direct replacement through its 2011 discontinuation. As of 2017, Ford does not sell a sedan-based station wagon in North America.

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