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Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1963 Mercury Station Wagon, Burgundy

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Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1963 Mercury Station Wagon, Burgundy

Goldvarg Collection 1:43 1963 Mercury Station Wagon, Burgundy

These are limited edition models with only 200 pieces distributed worldwide

The Mercury Park Lane was introduced for the 1958 model year as a premium model line for the division. Available in two-door and four-door hardtop and two-door convertibles, the Park Lane offered the same body styles as the Turnpike Cruiser, though its distinctive "breezeway" rear window was adopted by the Continental Mark line.

Sharing its chassis with the Colony Park station wagon (and Edsel Citation/Corsair), the Park Lane had a 125-inch wheelbase (3 inches longer than the standard Mercury chassis). In 1959, the Park Lane wheelbase was stretched to 128 inches (2 inches longer than other Mercurys). For 1960, the Park Lane wheelbase was again changed, matching the 126 inches of the standard Mercury line.For the 1964 model year, the Mercury Park Lane made its return as the Mercury division expanded its model line. Above the Monterey and newly reintroduced Montclair, the Park Lane again topped the Mercury line. In contrast to the previous generation, the Park Lane used the same wheelbase as other Mercury lines, differing primarily in trim.As the highest-priced, premium trim, many Park Lanes were fitted with the option of a "breezeway" reverse-slant retractable rear window (first used on the Turnpike Cruiser and the 1958-1960 Continental). In addition, Mercury offered the Park Lane with a fastback roofline as part of Marauder option package (seen on any full-size Mercury); the fastback design proved popular on its Ford Galaxie 500 counterpart.For 1965, the chassis of full-size Ford and Mercury cars were redesigned; the Mercury line was given a much more slab-sided appearance. For 1967, to complement the Mercury Marquis (available only as a 2-door hardtop), the Park Lane Brougham was introduced as a sub-model of the Park Lane. For an option on hardtop coupe/convertible models, the Brougham introduced "yacht deck paneling" body trim (essentially the same simulated woodgrain DI-NOC used for the Colony Park); "yacht deck paneling" was a rarely ordered option.As the division redesigned its full-size line for 1969, the Marquis was expanded to a full model range, taking over the place of the Park Lane (the Brougham would largely be replaced by the later Grand Marquis).

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