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Hatchette 1:43 MAN TGS Proteus Tunnel Fire / Foam Truck

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Hatchette 1:43 MAN TGS  Proteus Tunnel Fire / Foam Truck

Hatchette 1:43 MAN TGS Proteus Tunnel Fire / Foam Truck


This model is sold in a blister pack

24 hours a day, seven days a week, ATMB teams are on duty to ensure the highest level of driver safety in the Mont Blanc Tunnel, as well as on the A40 motorway and the Route Blanche (route RN205). Innovation is central to ATMB’s safety policy and we use all the latest safety technology.

Traffic safety operators man the ATMB Command & Control Centre 24/7. This “control tower” has a threefold mission: to oversee traffic, manage safety equipment, and inform drivers of traffic conditions.

ATMB Safety teams serve and protect users in case of an incident. They are equipped with special vehicles to act immediately in the field. In emergencies, they work with fire-fighters.

Safety and traffic assistants regulate and control lorry traffic.

70 fire-fighters work 24/7 at stations located at both entrances and in the middle of the Tunnel. They are specialized in working in confined conditions. Rapid intervention being key to safety, they respond fast.

In case of a major emergency, French fire-fighters from Chamonix and Italian fire-fighters from Courmayeur work together. Thanks to regular drills, they know the tunnel perfectly. Their imperative: to coordinate the fire brigades effectively to resolve the emergency quickly.

Every morning, Tunnel fire-fighters go through drills designed to test their reflexes and speed. In addition, GEIE-TMB (the Mont Blanc Tunnel European economic interest grouping) holds four major exercises a year with the French and Italian authorities, based on an emergency scenario kept top secret until the last moment. Nearly 200 people are mobilized to test the effectiveness of emergency procedures and systems.

Safety teams also train regularly on a 3D simulator. In all, Mont Blanc Tunnel staff get over 3,500 hours of training per year.

Tunnel fire-fighters are equipped with four Proteus lorries, the only fire-fighting vehicles of their kind in the world. The Proteus has a 12,000-litre tank, and two fire hoses with a 60-metre range, as well as latest-generation thermal cameras and radar to advance regardless of visibility. Each vehicle represents an €800,000 investment.

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