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Herpa 1:200 Boeing 707-400: EL AL Israel Airlines Reg 4X-ATA

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Herpa 1:200 Boeing 707-400: EL AL Israel Airlines Reg 4X-ATA

Herpa 1:200 Boeing 707-400: EL AL Israel Airlines Reg 4X-ATA

This model can be displayed on the stand or with the landing gear down

Named after the Jewish blessing Shehecheyanu, which is spoken at certain occasions to express gratitude, such as on arrival in Israel, 4X-ATA heralded the beginning of the jet age at the Israeli airline El Al. In her 23 years of accident-free service, she carried over two million passengers more than 57 million kilometers (36 million miles)

El Al flight LY426 was hijacked by three men of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
The aircraft, a Boeing 707-400, operated on a passenger service from London-Heathrow Airport, U.K., to Tel Aviv, Israel via Rome-Fiumicino Airport, Italy.
After takeoff one of the hijackers entered the flight deck, clubbed the copilot with the butt of his pistol and ordered the captain to fly to Algiers, Algeria. The other two hijackers threatened the passengers with pistols and hand grenades.
The following day, all non-Israeli passengers were released. Ten women and children were released over the weekend. The remaining 12 Israeli passengers, and the crew of 10 were held as hostages for the remainder of the hijacking.
The Israeli and Algerian governments negotiated the return of the hostages and plane through diplomatic channels. On August 31 everyone was released in exchange for 16 convicted Arab prisoners.
A French crew then flew the seized airplane to Rome the next day.

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