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Matrix 1:43 1971 Citroen SM Espace Heuliez, Metallic Brown

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Matrix 1:43 1971 Citroen SM Espace Heuliez, Metallic Brown

Matrix 1:43 1971 Citroen SM Espace Heuliez, Metallic Brown

This is a limited edition model with only 408 pieces distributed world wide

They come mounted on a base in an acrylic display case

The Citroën SM is a high-performance coupé produced by the French manufacturer Citroën from 1970 to 1975. The SM placed third in the 1971 European Car of the Year contest, trailing its stablemate Citroën GS, and won the 1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year award in the U.S.

The Citroen SM was only produced in one body style: Two doors, Fastback body and Left-Hand drive. Still, there are some different styles:

Coachbuilder Henri Chapron produced 7 SM convertibles and 8 sedans. These are named Mylord and Opera respectively.
Henri Chapron also modified 2 SM to be 4-Door convertibles. These were used by French presidents for parades.
Heuliez made 2 SM Targa-Top dubbed Espace.
Some SM were converted to Right-Hand drive in the UK and recently in Australia.
The standard wheels are made out of steel with stainless trims, but a factory option was available for lightweight wheels made of composites. These wheels weight is less than half the standard weight and are possibly a unique application of composites on a production vehicle.

An unusual option available was a set of luggage designed to fit perfectly into the SM's boot.

The engine, dubbed "C114-1" was a Maserati derived 2.7L V6 developing 170 BHP. In 1971, it entered into production a new variant of the car featuring the same V6 but now with 2965cc of capacity and developing 180 BHP. It was dubbed "C114-11". These engines used Weber 42 DCNF carburettors and could be fitted with either a 5-Speed manual or a 3-Speed Borg Warner automatic gearbox. In 1973, the 2.7L V6 was fitted with Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection, increasing the power to 178 BHP. This new engine was dubbed "C114-03". In 1974 till the end of production, the 5-Speed manual became unavailable for the 3.0L, leaving the automatic as the only gearbox for that model.

The car was sold in the US but it had to be fitted with different headlights as the ones used by the standard model were illegal in that time. The car left the US market quite soon as it could not compile with the bumpers safety requirements because of the hydropneumatic suspension used in the car.

The SM also suffered from poor sales in the UK, probably because it was only available in Left-Hand drive.

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