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Schuco 1:43 Tempo Tricycle Pritschenwagen (Flat Bed)

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Schuco 1:43 Tempo Tricycle Pritschenwagen (Flat Bed)

Schuco 1:43 Tempo Tricycle Pritschenwagen (Flat Bed)

The flatbed is a body design or truck body type in commercial vehicles with a solid, depending on the purpose also one, two or three sides tiltable, open-topped cargo area . By a partition of the driver and any passengers are protected from the cargo on the truck bed.

As a synonym for flatbed the term flatbed construction is often used. In a narrow sense, flatbed bodybuilding refers more to vehicles with separate chassis or the vehicle body itself, flatbed cars rather to the vehicle as a whole.

Flatbed trucks are one of the oldest and originally simplest designs in motor vehicle construction ; their origins can be consistently traced back to coach and wagon building, and ultimately to the Iron Age, with the first carriages pulled by animals . The basis for today's pickup trucks with their own engine can be both passenger cars (Passenger cars) and pickup trucks and the chassis of trucks (trucks) of all sizes .

The open loading area facilitates loading and unloading ; On the other hand, it provides the transported goods and its possible packaging without suitable accessories no protection from the weather , as well as a theft protection .

The flatbed truck is intended primarily for transporting the driver and his own or the goods entrusted to him . In that regard, this body and body variant differs from the commercial vehicles for passenger transport , in particular any form of buses . It also differs from the special commercial vehicles for emergency services , namely equipment vehicles and ambulances and ambulances , and also from those commercial vehicles in which special skills are in the foreground, such as tractors , forklifts and tractors,

With its basically open-top loading platform, the flatbed truck differs from transport vehicles with a firmly covered loading area such as the panel van and box body . Also, the flatbed truck lacks special devices for transporting special goods, such as tankers , vehicles with insulating or cooling structure or for container transport 

Vehicles whose bunk can be tilted to one, two or three sides are also called dumpers as a special form of the flatbed truck ; If the loading area is firmly bordered on two or three sides and if the side walls are relatively high, it is more likely to be talking about a loading trough and a dump truck instead of the loading platform and flatbed .

A comparatively widespread lower form of the flatbed truck is the " pick-up " with its rear cargo area originating from the Anglo-American region on the basis of a passenger car (also as off-road vehicle or SUV ) or a light truck. In the Pacific region , the term " Ute " (short for utility ) is common for such flatbed vehicles , in southern Africa , especially in Namibia , the term " Bakkie ".

As a special car body with flatbed, but complementary suitability for passenger transport are sometimes called the "Jeep"  (not meant as a vehicle brand ) or " Jeepney " ( all -terrain , with four-wheel drive , simple construction with open or closed cab and " 4-6 seats at the rear on both sides in the longitudinal direction " , also the" Russian taxi " [ similar to the pick-up, closed cab with open platform at the rear and" hinged side seats for 4-6 people on flatbed side walls " . Similar constructions are described on the Cape Verde Islands as "Aluguer ", in Thailand and Laos as" Songthaeo ". Furthermore, there was especially in the early days of the automobile and occasionally later as a special body design, the " Convertible Car ", sometimes referred to in German as "swap body" and not to be confused with the "Convertible (Top)" in the sense of " Cabriolet ": In many cases, the loading platform could be converted by folding, swiveling or attachable parts to an open or closed structure with additional seating.

Flatbed trucks have always been widely used because they are simple, inexpensive and versatile

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