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Triple 9 Collection 1:43 1983 Volvo 240 Wagon: National Police Corps Holland

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Triple 9 Collection 1:43 1983 Volvo 240 Wagon: National Police Corps Holland

Triple 9 Collection 1:43 1983 Volvo 240 Wagon: National Police Corps Holland

These are limited edition models with only 504 pieces distributed world wide

From 1945 to 1993, the National Police Corps was a part of the Dutch police that performed policing tasks in municipalities that did not have their own municipal police . The force was under the administrative leadership of the Minister of Justice and was mainly found in the smaller municipalities.

The corps was divided into 23 (later 17) districts, each with its own specialist departments. In addition, there were also the nationally operating services such as the General Traffic Service of the National Police, the Aviation Service and the National Police on Water. The national police can be seen as a continuation of the national police , the municipal constable and the military police from before 1940 . The National Police Corps existed until the 1993 Police Act came into effect .

In 1945, immediately after the Second World War , there was a need for a renewed organization of the police services in the Netherlands . There was hardly any pre-war confidence in the police because of the often accommodating attitude towards the German occupier. A new service had to be created that could guarantee public order.

On November 8, 1945 , the State Decree was passed that the municipal police worked in designated municipalities and that a National Police Corps had to be established in the rest of the country. This is how the Dutch police force after the war was born. The slogan of the National Police Corps was 'Dutiful and always ready'.

Initially 65 municipalities were designated for the municipal police, over the years a further 62 municipalities were added. The municipal police mainly operated in municipalities with more than 25,000 inhabitants, the national police more in the smaller towns and villages. The administrative leadership of the National Police Corps lay with the Minister of Justice, the municipal police were led by the Minister of the Interior.

The National Police Corps soon included several thousand people. They were provided with a specific uniform and armor. By the 1960s, the police organization had taken on a distinct shape. When the people who had been appointed immediately after the war retired in large numbers, serious staff shortages arose in the 1970s. The corps had to rejuvenate, which led to the expansion of the training schools.

In 1993 the Dutch police was reorganized. The state police was abolished. The police work in the municipalities without municipal police was transferred to newly established regional forces and other tasks went to the National Police Services Agency .

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