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AutoCult 1:43 Ferrari 250 GTO Moal Gatto, Metallic Blue

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AutoCult 1:43 Ferrari 250 GTO Moal Gatto, Metallic Blue

AutoCult 1:43 Ferrari 250 GTO Moal Gatto, Metallic Blue


This is a limited edition model with only 333 pieces made world wide

According to his own ideas. The automotive love of the retired investment manager belonged primarily to the European sports cars of the 1950s and 60s, and especially to the Italian masterpieces. The inspiration of this epoch and the coincidence of coming across the company 'Moal' made it possible and led him to realize his own car.

Owner Steve Moal and his mechanics went for a semi-monocque frame. The engine was a Ferrari V12 engine from 1963, which was tuned to 300 horsepower. A modern 5-speed Tremec transmission transferred the engine power to the rear axle. For the design it was necessary to integrate various components into an independent design. What finally emerged was an excellent mixture of reminiscences of the virtuoso hands of the Italian design departments - Maserati, Ferrari, Zagato ... and if you were still looking for similarities, you could also find features of Aston-Martin ...! Of course it was the front end on which the eyes immediately fixed and found analogies to the Maserati racing cars of the 1950s. It took impressive nine months to finish the aluminum car body. Upon completion the car body was painted in cobalt-blue and pulled over the chassis fitted with nostalgic-looking 16 ”Borrani spoke wheels. Overall the production of the unique project took four to five years and the price tag Bill Grimsley put on his one-of-a-kind copy was 1 million US dollars!

Bill Grimsely named his car 'Gatto' and everywhere he drives up with it, he is quickly surrounded by a crowd of people.

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